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I am the Only One

I am the Only One

By: Ross Paterson

One lie our clients frequently tell themselves is, “I am the only one who can (fill in the blank).”  The only one in the state of Texas? North America? The whole world?  This is just not true.

As we kick off the second half of the year I want to give business owners and entrepreneurs a little challenge.  Take 20 minutes today; write down every thing you can think of that you are the only one who can do in your business.

Put a ‘1’ by anything that is Strategic and Long Term Planning.  Put a ‘2’ by everything that is about Recruiting, Developing, and Directing people.  Put a ‘3’ by everything that creates the Tactical Rhythms and Routines of accountability and progress.

Now before January 1st, delegate, restructure, outsource, and hire the right people to take care of everything on your list that does not have a number beside it.  If you can successfully accomplish this, you will experience massive acceleration in business results in 2016.

If you don’t have any numbers by your tasks, that is a bigger problem, give us a call.