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I am Not Michael Jordan

I am Not Michael Jordan

By: Ross Paterson

…or Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos, or Mark Cuban

Not everyone can be in the top 0.01% but that does not mean that we don’t have significant work to do; investing in people, building businesses, and leaving legacies.

We each have been given gifts, talents, passions and experiences that no one else has. And with these blessings come a specific purpose that we were uniquely created to accomplish. The discovery of that purpose, and investing your life in the journey will give you far greater fulfillment than trying to build the next Apple, Amazon, etc.

Start a daily/weekly ritual of drafting your purpose for being here. Get a nice leather bound journal, this is important work. Finding your ‘True North’ will bring focus, alignment and acceleration to every area of your life. The Xtra Mile is waiting for those who discover their PURPOSE.