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I am at the Wrong Meeting

I am at the Wrong Meeting

By: Ross Paterson

Breaking my own rules this week. Volunteer tournament director for my son’s wrestling team, my mind is clouded with details, not my strength. Yesterday I went to an 11:30 meeting with a client; a meeting that is scheduled for today. Fortunately, the meeting I was supposed to attend was at 1:30 so I had time to refocus and relocate. No harm done, minus the bruised ego.

This month we have been communicating frequently about the need for leaders to create vision, facilitate planning, and focus the team for 2016. Remember also to schedule downtime for you over the holidays. Spend quality time with your family, friends and neighbors, get some exercise, spend a little quiet time reflecting on your life and your blessings. If we don’t take care of the goose, we won’t get any golden eggs.

Fortunately for us, we have another year to get even better. #XtraMile