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Too Humble, Too Proud, Too Busy

Too Humble, Too Proud, Too Busy

By: Ross Paterson

“If you don’t see any sales people, you’re the sales person.”  Peter Thiel, Zero to One

If your vision is to build a business that has impact and makes a difference in the world, you (owner/entrepreneur) must develop mastery of marketing and sales.  Even if you are a lawyer, engineer, dentist, or programmer, you can’t run away from this truth.

Sometimes our clients are TOO HUMBLE.  They have developed a unique genius, serve their customers well, but are uncomfortable doing the hard work of telling their own stories.

Sometimes our clients are TOO PROUD.  They feel like marketing and sales are beneath them.  This can lead them to spend tens of thousands of dollars outsourcing to ‘experts’ with no return on investment.

Sometimes our clients are TOO BUSY.  They have not made the time to learn these critical skills of business development.  This must change.

Do you have a big vision?  Marketing is how you will achieve it. Own it.

Two low cost investments to up your marketing game:

  1. Read Ryan Holiday’s book The Perennial Seller.
  2. Come see Jason Croft at our Happy Hour tomorrow night, details here