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How to Keep Your Business Really Small: Episode 2

How to Keep Your Business Really Small: Episode 2

By: Ross Paterson

Episode 2

Marketing Malaise

We work with so many amazing people and businesses.  Frequently after hearing an inspired story of excellence, we look through financials that show years of little or no growth.  When asked about Marketing and Sales, we hear with boldness, “We get all of our business word of mouth.”  After making the gentle observation that it looks like they don’t have enough business, there will be a long pause, followed by a repetition of, “We get all of our business word of mouth.”  Hmmmmm.

One piece of the problem is HUMILITY.  Most polite people don’t like to talk about themselves.  Get over it, tell your story.  You have the power to solve someone’s toughest challenges and it is malpractice for you not to offer. The internet gives you great power to do this, so do it well.

A second piece is FEAR. Engineers, artists, medical experts, and lawyers spend decades mastering their craft. When they become business owners they have head trash and no training in the critical business skills of marketing and sales.

XM TRUTH: If we want to be the CEO, build and own a multi-million dollar business, we must develop a basic mastery of marketing and sales.

If you won’t do this, you should go work for someone who has. Or deal with the reality of a perpetually small, small business.

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