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How to Attract and Hire an Office Administrator

How to Attract and Hire an Office Administrator

By: Ross Paterson

Right now, almost every small business is struggling with hiring. While this is great for the economy, it is a real problem for small businesses. When looking for new hires, you have to market for the position almost as well as you market for your business.

One of the most valuable resources a business can have is an office administrator. So, how do you attract and hire the right candidates?

Using an outside hiring agency will save you a lot of time, however, an outside agency can be expensive. Hannah Wells, our Executive Director had the pleasure of hiring for an office admin role several times. Over the next few weeks, she will be walking you through the basics of hiring an office administrator and how to save yourself time and money during the process on her LinkedIn Page.

Be sure to follow her and her posts on LinkedIn by clicking on the link here.