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How not to get your ass kicked

We are responsible for it all

How not to get your ass kicked

By: Ross Paterson

I have always been a mediocre athlete, gritty, and hard-working, but not a natural in anything. The sport of choice as a younger man was wrestling. Every day I sparred against 2x and 3x state champions; getting my butt kicked in practice accelerated my progress. They won a lot, and soon, I won a lot too.

Combative sports are good training grounds for owners/entrepreneurs. When you lose, you can’t blame the pitching, defense, or special teams. Someone is out-hustling you; get better or get used to losing. When our businesses are not performing, we can’t blame HR for lousy lineups, or marketing for terrible leads. WE ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR IT ALL. We must get better, the competition is intense, and at times the isolation is dangerous.

Who are you sparring with?

What if you could get into a room with 9-10 other business owners? Peers, but not competitors, who are already pushing hard, leading, growing, and working on their next breakthroughs.

What if you had a safe environment to get vulnerable with other men and women who are in the exact same battle as you? Communicating struggles, challenging, sharpening ideas, sharing best practices, and holding each other accountable for making progress on the hard stuff.

Being a business owner is tough enough, don’t get your ass kicked out there because you are doing it all alone. You are probably closer to your next breakthrough than you imagine, training with the right partners will definitely give you an ROI.