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How Hard Could It Be?

Harder than they ever imagined.

How Hard Could It Be?

By: Ross Paterson

We had a future client in our training room for a free whiteboard session this week. A little over a year ago he and a partner had this BIG IDEA to start a local service company together. “How hard could it be?” Harder than they ever imagined.

  • He quit his day job
  • They acquired equipment and hired labor
  • His partner backed out
  • The company grew significantly
  • Equipment breakdowns cost real money
  • The employee market is unstable
  • He works a 60-hour week
  • He still doesn’t get a paycheck from the business


It can be really hard. We are not trying to scare anyone out of starting a small business. The freedom, potential impact, and financial reward are well worth the risk. The burden of being responsible FOR-IT-ALL is heavy.


Four tips we want to share with the dreamers, doers, and world-changers.

  1. Make sure your family finances are in order. Can you make it without a steady paycheck for 12-24 months? (Plan B, do you have a rich uncle?)
  2. Start your business as a side hustle. You will have a lot to learn; it will take longer than you think. When your revenue starts accelerating, and you can’t afford to go to work, quit the day job.
  3. Marketing and Sales are real business processes that you must master.
  4. Don’t be a Lone Ranger. You don’t have to learn everything the hard way. There are hundreds of resources that will help shorten your learning curves, reduce pain, and accelerate your progress towards profitability.


Do you have a startup that is harder to tame than you imagined? Schedule your free whiteboard session with one of our performance hackers. You are probably closer to your breakthrough than you imagine.