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Hope Won’t Fix Stuck

When Hope is Paired with Planning

Hope Won’t Fix Stuck

By: Ross Paterson

“Hope alone is wishful thinking. Pair hope with a sound strategy, a detailed plan, and a lot of hard work and nothing is out of reach” Admiral William McRaven, Wisdom of the Bullfrog.


One thing that will accelerate your SMB team forward faster than any other activity – getting all the amazing (but unfiltered) ideas out of your head and into a simple business plan. Even better, get your team involved in the planning process with you. So many SMB owners overcomplicate this process and never leverage the power of a simple plan. 


XtraMile Challenge: Do these three things before the end of September and watch your business xcelerate into 2024:

INSPIRE: Collaboratively create a compelling VISION/STORY of the future that excites the team, but also makes them a little nervous (90% excitement, 10% nervous).

FOCUS: Turn that vision into a DETAILED PLAN. Focus on six key areas where every SMB needs to deliver results: Marketing, Sales, Operations, People, Finance, Systems/Processes. Draft goals, plans, and actions for each.

ALIGN: Spend extra time on CLARITY for who does what. Assign specific people with key results and deadlines. 


At the end of your planning session, go back through the critical objectives and goals (there may be 20-30+) and prioritize the list. If everything is a top priority, the leaders haven’t finished the planning process. Finally, put up a big piece of paper with three columns and align resources on the 4-6 highest priorities – WHO, WHAT, WHEN.  


Digitize your WHO-WHAT-WHEN chart and review progress as part of a weekly or monthly meeting. As the situation evolves, make smart adjustments to priorities and use the power of WE to solve problems and hold each other accountable for results.


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