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Hope. Love. Joy. Peace.

He will return.

Hope. Love. Joy. Peace.

By: Ross Paterson

Advent means ‘to come‘. In the Christian faith, there are two parts to this idea. Jesus was born, and we celebrate his coming at Christmas; He will return.


Four weeks of Advent build up our anticipation of good things to come in the reality of this broken world. (Adapted from a message from Ross Sawyers, 121 Community Church)


Hope: Implies CONFIDENCE.
God is working things out for our good, believe it.


Love: Implies GIVING.
Love gives itself away.


Joy: Implies GLADNESS.
Internal, not dependent on, or interrupted by the external.


Peace: Implies WHOLENESS.
Complete, but not the absence of problems. Hope. Love. Joy. Peace.


In seasons these can seem distant: with discipline and faith, we keep them close. Join us in choosing confidence, giving, gladness, and wholeness to invite blessings to come into your life in 2023.

Merry Christmas, from our team to yours.