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Head Trash and No Process

Head Trash and No Process

By: Ross Paterson

We frequently work with technical and creative business owners who have tremendous gifts and talents to solve problems for their clients and customers.  Often these owners struggle to get enough clients or sustainable revenue in their business.

Every business owner, to some extent, must master the basic processes of Marketing and Sales.  When I started my consulting business I had a lot of HEAD TRASH and NO PROCESS for sales.  But, thanks to excellent training and tough coaching from a couple of sales gurus, I prevailed.

My biggest breakthrough came when I was convinced that our unique mix of consulting, coaching and training could solve the biggest problems business owners face.  And, that it was MALPRACTICE for me not to offer to help.  Do you need a mindset change about sales?

XM TRUTH:  Sales is a process that can be learned.

What is holding you back as you shape your vision for 2016?  We would love to help you Accelerate your Results.