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Happy Anniversary BXH2

Happy Anniversary BXH2

By: Ross Paterson

One of our core values at XM Performance is SHARED LEARNING.  We believe learning is the most valuable discipline to develop for any business owner or entrepreneur. Successful business leaders around the world deliberately spend time reading, attending seminars, and building relationships with other SMART PEOPLE who are ‘in the game’. More than 80% of our clients participate in Leadership Forums with other owners, or training seminars that include leaders from several other businesses and organizations. The impact transforms thinking and accelerates results.

Over the last decade we have built relationships with hundreds of clients and contacts in the North Texas marketplace. Exceptionally SMART PEOPLE with BIG IDEAS that are worth sharing. Two years ago this month we launched our monthly ‘un-networking’ meeting the Business Xcelerator Happy Hour (BXH2). Business Owners and Entrepreneurs (BOEs) need a different kind of networking event than most local chambers and marketing groups provide. What if there was a monthly event where you can:

  • Meet other BOEs that are ‘in the game’
  • Hear BIG IDEAS from experts in multiple fields
  • Enjoy HOT FOOD, COLD DRINKS for minimal cost
  • Go to a central DFW location, for 90 minutes of your time


BXH2 is collaborative, so bring a friend, and register today so we know you’re coming.