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Are you Hanging Around the Right People?

Are you Hanging Around the Right People?

By: Ross Paterson

“Much of the advice we’ve been told about achievement is logical, earnest…and downright wrong.”  Eric Barker, Barking up the Wrong Tree.  This is a book worth adding to your list.

I got a late-night text from a client last week. He had discovered one of his employees was stealing from him. Taking company work from existing clients, and also working on his side business while on the company clock. Unfortunately, this is a common experience in the business world.

Business Owners, who can you call in a moment of crisis? Our XM Performance Leadership Forum was meeting later that week and he was able to put the whole issue in front of 8 other business owners. We had a passionate discussion, talking through several options to resolve this complex problem. That team also followed the situation closely over the next week and learned from their peer’s experience. The power of shared learning in action.

“The people who surround us often determine who we become.” Eric Barker

This is not a new idea. My mom told me not to hang around the wrong people. Wisdom I shared repeatedly with my own children. Business ownership is a unique experience.  Challenging, rewarding, exhausting, stressful, overwhelming…and all this before lunch.  Make sure you spend time with others who are in the same battle and pushing themselves for bigger breakthroughs.