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Growth in a Pandemic

Growth in a Pandemic

By: Ross Paterson

Most of our #XtraMiler tribe knows that I am an avid cyclist with a small bicycle collection. (If I haven’t invited you on a ride, let me know #cyclingisthenewgolf). The global shutdowns have emptied the bicycle supply chain, local bike shops have experienced 40% or more growth. Outdoor recreation businesses are not the only ones with growth in the pandemic.


We have many clients that are still in growth mode; construction, IT services, software developers, medical facilities, medical support industries, distribution, and others. Even with all the operating challenges of the CV-19 environment, they are delivering for their markets, customers, and clients.


I don’t think I have ever read a business book with ideas for expansion in a global pandemic. This is a confusing dilemma to solve as a small business owner. Will the pandemic last? Are we lucky to just hold on tight to what we have? Should we build on our strength, hire great talent, and go after a broader market share?


Four of our fastest-growing clients are feeling the pain and pressure of growth. We’re assisting already stretched leadership teams to identify, hire, and onboard new teammates. Here is what we are seeing:

  • Highly talented leaders, managers, technicians, etc. are unwillingly on the sidelines. They are tired of being shut out of the workplace and ready to get back after it.


  • ‘Right Now’ availability means when you find the right cultural and technical match, they want to start the next day.


  • We have been able to find multiple qualified candidates for clients in a wide range of industries (Real Estate, Construction, Web Development, Manufacturing, Operations).


The recovering world needs the creative entrepreneurs’ superpowers to help solve the dynamic challenges of returning to work AND keeping everyone safe. This is our time to shine and grow into higher impact organizations.


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