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A Kick-Ass Team and Work Worth Doing


By: Ross Paterson


Few people have jobs they love, laboring shoulder-to-shoulder with great friends, doing work that matters.

That is every day for our boutique firm of employees and contractors whose labor of love is to make small/medium businesses the best places to work in America. I am blessed beyond measure, humbled, grateful.

As we start off our week of Thanksgiving, I want to start by giving a shout of praise and thanks to our XM Performance team in order of appearance.

Fanni Gambero, Chief of Staff, plus President/Co-founder of XM Talent Pros.

Linda Lisa Valle, The Rock, Team MOM = Manager of Operations and Marketing.

Tosha Ballard, Leadership Trainer, Coach, Certified TTi Consultant.

Ryan Mainey, Leadership Trainer, Coach.

Krystal Mechling, Small Business Xcelerator.

I hope you love your work half as much as I do mine.

Happy Thanksgiving to you, your teams at work, and your families at home.