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How to be GRATEFUL No Matter Who is President

How to be GRATEFUL No Matter Who is President

By: Ross Paterson

Embrace your Freedom: If the person in the oval office determines your happiness and direction for the next 4 years, the government has more power than its founders intended. It’s time to move forward with the gentle reminder that no one moves up by tearing others down.

Be a Giver: We all have blessings, and people right in front of us that need a hand. Use your gifts, passions, and experience to extend mercy, fix an injustice, relieve someone’s pain. I guarantee it will empower you as much or more than the receiver.

Own your Outcomes: Seth Godin wrote a fabulous blog last week called “The Magic Wand Store is Closed.” The basic idea, stop waiting for something “out there” to deliver the life you want. Grateful people overcome and deliver, victims fix blame.

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