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Graduation, Preparation, Seperation

Graduation, Preparation, Seperation

By: Ross Paterson

This weekend my oldest daughter sat among the graduating class at LETU when Ray Davis, owner of the Texas Rangers, gave the commencement address.  I may have been the only one in the crowd who pulled out my pen to capture ‘Big Ideas’ from Mr. Davis.

“Nothing replaces effort; make no mistake, you are in competition.  Entitlement will not separate you from the pack.  Preparation creates separation.”

His two step process for creating separation:

  1. Read the Word daily:  He has read through the Bible every year for 30 years, impressive.
  2. Find a Mentor:  Have more than one, you need more than one.


Two things I am already working on in 2015.  What are your steps for creating separation and moving towards the Xtra Mile?