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Getting Your Team to Work Together

Getting Your Team to Work Together

By: Ross Paterson

After leaving the Army in 1996, I worked in management at a ‘piece work’ union plant in Erie, PA.  These hourly workers had incentive pay that was based on their personal productivity.  Very difficult to manage in a 3 shift operation that builds locomotives.  No one can build a locomotive alone.

With everyone looking out for #1, greed, conflict, and selfishness ruled.  Teamwork was close to nonexistent.  This company just opened a new plant in Fort Worth, TX…I wonder why.


“Every institution rests on moral footings, and there is no force that can erode those foundations more rapidly than the cataract of self-interest.”  

Gary Hamel, What Matters Now

Business Owners, you must be the communicator of the bigger purpose, higher calling, making a difference in the world.  Otherwise your team will be driven by the ‘cataract of self-interest.’  Which in turn will drive you bonkers, drive you out of business, and quite possibly both.