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Getting Comfortable with The New Toolbox

DIY Just Won't Cut It

Getting Comfortable with The New Toolbox

By: Ross Paterson
New Toolbox Series: Episode 1

We were working with a General Contractor in Arizona. One of the young superstars on their team was being prepared for a director-level position and was struggling to understand the complexities of his new role. As we were wrestling with his evolution, we discovered an analogy that finally helped him ‘see’ what was coming.

All of his success up to this point was created through being a great Project/Senior Project Manager. He was a builder, doer, scheduler, problem solver, negotiator, and Play-Caller. He was extremely effective with his Old Toolbox. When it came to getting stuff done, he was a master; simply one of the best in the business.

The role he was preparing for was going to be very different. It was going to require elevated skills like:

  • Using Vision to see farther ahead.

  • Coaching and Teaching to lead through and develop leaders.

  • Getting Engaged in the broader market for new clients and new talent acquisition.

  • Creating Culture and being a culture champion.

  • Using Emotional Intelligence to align hearts and minds.

This transition is difficult for executives and business owners alike. We have to put our Old Toolbox down, train someone else to do this work, and build ourselves out of a job. This might be work you’re the best in the business at doing, work that is personally fulfilling and, if we are honest, even a little addicting.

Our experience has shown most of the reluctance to put the Old Toolbox down comes from the fact that we don’t know, understand, or have confidence in the New Toolbox yet. Another commercial electric contractor said,

“This New Toolbox work doesn’t even ‘feel’ like work!”

Tune in over the next 4 weeks – We are going to teach you about the tools in the New Toolbox. When you can master these skills, you will move the whole team out on the Xtra Mile.

You are probably closer than you imagine.

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If you need to evaluate yourself or your leaders on New Toolbox skills, download our Elevation and Evolution Assessment for leaders, grade yourselves, and schedule a call with one of our consultants!