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Getting Comfortable with a New Toolbox

Getting Comfortable with a New Toolbox

By: Ross Paterson

Accountability Series part 4 of 4


So far in this series, we have covered TangiblesIntangibles, and Mindsets that create effective delegation and accountability for results. In our final contribution, we want to share some of our experience with leadership evolution in a fast-growing SMB.

During our small business’s startup and foundation building, we use a set of frontline leadership tools. As our team grows the tools we use for leadership change dramatically. We must grow and get comfortable with a ‘New Toolbox.’

Old Toolbox
New Toolbox
Manage Work
Vision: Create-Share-Own-Drive
Lead every meeting
Create Rhythms and Routines
Problem Solving
Question Asking
Calling Plays
Coaching Teams
Managing People
Developing Talent
Tactical Focus (Who/What)
Strategic Focus (Why/How)

The evolution of the New Toolbox is gradual. If you don’t have TIME to work in the ‘New Toolbox,’ review the first three blogs in the series. You are the only one who can fix that.

If you don’t know HOW to work from the ‘New Toolbox,’ we would love to help you and your team with this evolution.

With competent delegation and accountability, we create the opportunity to unlock the full potential of the humans on our teams. Their engagement goes up, our stress goes down. You are probably closer than you imagine.

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