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By: Ross Paterson

Most of our work is in the fast-growing markets of North Texas and Pheonix. Every client we have has a BIG VISION. More than pure growth and profit, they also want to make an impact on people, families, and communities where they serve..


Finding great talent has become the #1 obstacle to growth in most markets; limiting the expansion of our impact and overwhelming our leadership teams. We were meeting with a father/son construction team in our office last week, discussing this exact problem.


Client: “We could double or triple if we had more teams.”
XMP:  “Who worked on recruiting people last week? What have you done?”
Client: “uh… er…. uh”


XM TRUTH:  All the really great people are employed.


Get: Dedicate some of your marketing, time, energy, resources to recruiting. The people you need to grow your business are working for someone else. You will need to interrupt them and share your more compelling, big vision.


Keep: We wrote about this a few months ago. Your best leaders and technicians are someone else’s top prospects. Frequently, our best performers get the least of our attention. Make sure your aces know in their souls and their wallets that you love them.


Grow: For over a decade, we have been helping SMB owners unlock the leadership potential of front-line leaders and executives. We have seen operators and interns become GM’s, VP’s, and COO’s. Nothing brings us more joy. What if the competent leaders you need are already on your team?


If you are waiting for the next great employee to come and knock on your door, you are surrendering market share to the competition.