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The Future Depends on the Courageous

The Future Depends on the Courageous

By: Ross Paterson

We’ve spent the last two weeks in Herat and Bangalore doing our best to help leaders we have trained over the past decade create a new economy for Western Afghanistan. We are thankful to have other creative and committed CEOs joining in the work like Ryan Dekker of Clik Focus and Eric McGehearty of Globerunner who have been willing to travel to the other side of the world to lend their considerable gifts and talents to the effort. The work involves equal parts of inspiration, training, cracking old paradigms, and building new ones.

I have also been reading The Seventh Sense, by Joshua Cooper Ramo.  His thinking about the future is challenging. How will we survive in an over connected world with accelerating change? In this must read book, I see the cornerstones of some of my life’s work.

“But the work of carrying us all forward? That is our responsibility. It demands courage. It means not running away, but running at terrifying forces.They don’t get less scary when you understand them. What changes are your feelings?” p308.

Our immediate future will move way too fast to wait for Presidential election cycles or governments to react. Make a difference. Do it now. BE COURAGEOUS! The world is waiting for a new breed of Xtra Mile leaders who will serve with broader ideals than greed and ‘what’s in it for me.’

Who is waiting for you?