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Full Potential

Full Potential

By: Ross Paterson

I coached for 7 years with some great men at Keller Wrestling Academy.  Those kids are now high school team captains, competitive at the state and national levels.  I love watching them compete, lead, and win…a coach’s greatest reward.

We know the value of great teachers and coaches in school.  I still remember my all-time favorites (Virginia Henry, Leroy Williams, Lee Stevens, Joe Barto, Mike Williams).  Who does this for you as an adult?  If you are lucky you are assigned to great mentors in your career.  My capacity today was unlocked by great leaders that invested their gifts to shape me (Boe Barinowski, David Rodriguez, Bill Dobbs, Bob Roberts, Jr).

Business Owners, Entrepreneurs and many professionals have no structure or mentors in place. If you are navigating your business-career-life without wise counsel and the occasional kick in the pants, you risk delivering less than your full capacity.

“Compared with what we ought to be, we are only half awake.” – William Jennings

If your intense desire is to live an Xtra Mile life through your business career, we would love to help unlock your Full Potential. 2017 Leadership Forums are forming now.