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Fueling Your Leaders

Fueling Your Leaders

By: Ross Paterson

During his run for 8 gold medals in 2008, it was rumored that Michael Phelps ate 12,000 calories per day. Throughout his life, Abraham Lincoln was known as a bookworm. He often spent nights during his first term in Congress reading books from the Library of Congress by candlelight.

If you want to win Olympic Gold, you have to fuel your body right.

If you want to grow your knowledge…fuel your brain.

But…Leadership is Different.

“Reeducating the emotional brain for leadership learning, therefore, requires a different model from what works for the thinking brain.  It needs a lot of practice and repetition.”  

Daniel Goleman, Primal Leadership

Leadership isn’t a one-day workshop, a single book, or one conversation. It takes constant learning, relationship building, and accountability.  If you want to strengthen your leaders power in your business, make an investment in them and yourself.

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