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Four Reasons Your Sales are Down

Four Reasons Your Sales are Down

By: Ross Paterson

“In a positive economy, everyone is a great salesman, even me.”


A big mistake Business Owner/Entrepreneurs (BOEs) make in an up economy is to get too busy delivering growth.  “We can’t handle the business we have,” so they take their foot off the marketing and sales accelerator.  Either you are going to expand and take market share in a growth cycle, or your competitors will.  Who do you think will be in a better position when it levels off?

Here are 4 reasons we see BOEs struggle with SALES.

“I get all my business Word-Of-Mouth.” We usually hear this after we ask a question about marketing and sales processes.  Two issues are hidden in this response. First, this answer usually comes from a skilled technician, lawyer, or medical professional who doesn’t know the first thing about marketing and sales.  Second, many businesses start up from the powerful personal networks of smart business people.  However, if you want to grow a $10+ million business, you must master marketing and sales.

Fear of Sales. This could be the third reason behind number 1.  Many of us have stinky thinking about sales.  Used car salesman in movies, people knocking on your front door, we don’t want to be like ‘them.’

No Sales Process. As soon as you realize that Sales is a good thing, hopefully your next reaction is to get out and learn the process.  My first partner in this business was supposed to be a marketing and sales guru.  It fell apart early and I was left with two choices, shut it down or learn how to sell.  I found a great trainer/mentor/coach, he gave me a competent process and most of my fear went away.

Outdated Sales Process. “What’s it going to take to get you in this car today, Mr. Paterson?”  AAAUUGH!  The game has changed in the information age.  Information is cheap and easy to get, everyone already has it. Today, it all comes down to relationships and knowing how to build long-term relationships in your market.

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