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Finishing Strong & Starting Fast

Finishing Strong & Starting Fast

By: Ross Paterson

If you were watching from the moon, there would be no difference between December 31, 2018, and January 1, 2019. But for the humans on earth, it is time to make resolutions. We are more hopeful, energized, positive. We exercise more, quit our vices, eat right and set big goals for the New Year. Strange how powerful these human segmentations of time are on our psyche and our behavior.

“Beginnings have a far greater impact than most of us understand. Beginning, in fact can matter to the end.” – When by Daniel H. Pink (p.89)

As we head into Q4 every year, my mind starts to get divided.

  • What do we need to do to close 2018 strong?
  • What do we need to do to start 2019 with a bang?


We are going to be focusing our next several blogs on breakthrough actions you must take in Q4: updating strategy, creating and communicating vision, putting a plan in writing for 2019, and how to be sure you have the right line up to get it all done.

To help you get started, we want to give you a free personnel inventory packet to make an assessment of, and plan for, your line up. And, if you are overwhelmed with stress, struggle, and uncertainty about your line up we have a low cost, high-impact 2-hour workshop in October. Guaranteed to give you clarity and help you make decisions about building your team for the future. Check out the details by clicking the picture below.

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