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Everything is Chaos, Why Even Plan?

Everything is Chaos, Why Even Plan?

By: Ross Paterson

Our latest blog on the power of planning has started many conversations. Some business owners approach the chaos of the pandemic hangover with an attitude of, ‘why even plan?’


If you think that is true, you probably have a small, safe, and/or foggy vision for 2021. Leaders who want a breakthrough or a radical recovery, need clarity and a plan; defining and intentionally spending your time and attention on the most important things


Solopreneurs: Keep it simple. Set your breakthrough annual goals and create the details to turn goals into a plan. Be disciplined with your time every week/month. If you can’t see far enough to plan for the year, try building a quarterly dashboard. (Download our quarterly planning tool)


Small Business Owners:  If you want your teammates engaged with their best efforts, you need a more detailed plan first. Next, you need to get comfortable communicating the plan regularly while establishing rhythms and routines that drive measurable progress weekly/monthly/quarterly. (Download our annual planner).

Want to take your planning to the next level?  We encourage you to make a $449 investment in our Business Planning Xcelerator, see link at the bottom. Money-back guarantee.


Medium Business Owners: If you have a leadership team and over $5.0M in annual revenue, your leaders need to be part of the developing the plan. We are experts in guiding business teams through a simple, effective, and actionable business planning process. These are usually conducted in 1-2 day strategic retreats that include guided preparation and follow up coaching for exceptional results.  Depending on the size and scope of the engagement this can be a $5K-$15K investment in your future performance.


Clarity Precedes Results.

Leaders Create Clarity.

Put it in Writing.


Do you have a 2021 plan in writing? As a business owner, one of the hardest things to do is find time to sit down and plan strategically. Click here to learn more about our 1-day event!