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Everyone’s Revenue is Up… But Not Mine

Everyone’s Revenue is Up… But Not Mine

By: Ross Paterson

Troubleshooting this problem is easier than you might think.

Are you getting in front of qualified prospects on a regular basis, but not closing many deals?  Go work on your sales conversation.  When I was a brand-new, shiny entrepreneur, I wanted to change the world, but I really struggled with sales. I had a lot of ‘head trash’ about sales in general and zero process. I invested in great sales training and coaching. It saved my business.

Are you closing deals when you get in front of the right people, but aren’t meeting enough of the ‘right’ people?  Go work on your marketing process. There are two possible reasons for this problem.

  1.  I am meeting with lots of people, but not the right ones.
  2.  Or, I only had one meeting with a qualified prospect in the last two weeks.


In the former, your activity is probably high, but you are most likely ‘fishing in the wrong pond.’  In the latter, you are probably spending too much time in your office, behind your computer.

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