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Espresso machines, ping-pong tables, and free snacks

Espresso machines, ping-pong tables, and free snacks

By: Ross Paterson

Values drive Culture; Culture distinguishes your business in the market place. Well defined and intentionally lived culture will also determine the long term fit of your employees.  Our experience shows longevity is driven more by culture than the employee’s technical competence, or the employer’s compensation package

In our small business DNA class, we define a value as a core conviction that determines organizational behavior.  Using values to build the culture in your business is complex but critical leadership skill, certainly more than I can cover in a short blog.

Big Idea #4:  Culture is not about espresso machines, ping-pong tables and free snacks

Don’t patronize Millennials with this shortsighted thinking.  Define, communicate, and drive performance through well thought out values.

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