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Empty Wells

Empty Wells

By: Ross Paterson

One of our values at XM Performance is:


Be More…Give More; It takes a full well to fill others.


Like every business owner in the world, I am feeling the pressure of the prolonged impact of the pandemic and its side effects. In every Leadership Forum, in every interaction with business owners, the topic of mental and emotional fatigue is moving to the front of the conversations. Here are a few ideas to help you focus.


  1. There is no shame. Don’t ignore the reality of your mental and emotional health. No heroes will be crowned after the pandemic for the people who did not ask for help.
  2. Take care of the goose. We have a section on our monthly planners called Golden Eggs. Our clients are challenged monthly to plan and care for themselves in the realms of spiritual, mental, and physical health.
  3. Isolation compounds the problem. We talked about the 3 Diseases of Business Owners last week. Business owners are a unique breed with a complex, high-pressure role. Get in fellowship with peers who understand your reality and can encourage you. If you don’t have anyone to lean on, contact me personally.
  4. Seek professional help. We are not life coaches or counselors here at XM Performance, but we know people who can help. Flip through this short article by the American Red Cross, familiarize yourself with the symptoms and risks. Owners and leaders you should look for these symptoms in yourself and your teammates.



With a major political election cycle ramping up, it is going to get worse before it gets better. Take good care of yourselves leaders, you can’t help anyone with an empty well.