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3 Best Practices for Business Owners

with Employee Performance Problems

3 Best Practices for Business Owners

By: Ross Paterson

Many of our first conversations with business owners are about employee performance issues.  We challenge owners to consider that AT LEAST 50% of employee performance problems are leadership problems.  If owners recognize that possibility, they could be good candidates for an Xtra Mile Leadership Forum.

Business Owners, have you ever said this?


I know my plan for 2016, why should I write it down?

XM TRUTH:  Clarity precedes Results. Vision, Values and Plan must be clear and IN WRITING.


They know what they are supposed to do, I’ve told them.”

XM TRUTH:  Written job descriptions create clear expectations and are the cornerstones of effective delegation

“I don’t have time for performance reviews.”

XM TRUTH:  Clear goals, plus timely and relevant feedback lead to top performance.


If you fix these three things before we get to 2016, you might find that your current team is significantly better than you believed was possible.


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