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Elevation * Evolution * Xceleration

A formula that equals success

Elevation * Evolution * Xceleration

By: Ross Paterson

E2X = Elevation * Evolution * Xceleration

We have worked with hundreds of business owners and executive leaders in the SMB space this year. Their next breakthrough (and your next breakthrough) is waiting for the next E2X (Elevation * Evolution * Xceleration) in performance from leaders. This transformation requires mastering a new set of skills (New Toolbox) and teaching others to do the work that has made your business successful until this point (Old Toolbox). Here are seven skills that our most effective owners and executive leaders have mastered:

  1. Have Strategic Vision.
  2. Lead through Leaders.
  3. Create positive cross-functional collaboration.
  4. Build relationship capital across a broad external market.
  5. Culture Champion.
  6. Build themselves out of their current job.
  7. Continuously develop Emotional Intelligence.

XM Truth #1: Leadership Development is not a class.

XM Truth #2: You can’t microwave executive leadership skills.
Use our E2X tool (Download worksheet here) to create a self-development plan by evaluating yourself first. Then, evaluate your executive leaders by asking them to grade themselves on these 7 areas, while you do the same. Start a conversation about working on closing the gaps in one or two of these areas in Q1.
Let us know if you need help.

Take some time to self-evaluate using our E2X process tool, and reach out to our team’s consultants to discuss your new breakthroughs for Q1.