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Double Your Team’s Engagement

Double Your Team’s Engagement

By: Ross Paterson

Humans are storytellers. Our brains are naturally created to search for the story to help us make sense of the world around us. We imagine ourselves in the work environment as being motivated by very tangible and tactical objectives. However, science and psychology overwhelmingly show that humans are emotional and irrational beings whose best engagement happens when we belong to teams serving a higher purpose.


So, SMB owners, if you want your team to be highly engaged at work, learn how to tell great stories. Stories that describe the higher purpose in action. Learn how to communicate VISION.


If your 2022 plan looks like a list of tangible goals, you are missing out on one of the biggest leadership levers in your toolbox. The ‘Left Brain’ works on logic, facts, and analysis. The ‘Right Brain’ is where the creative, intuitive, and emotional work happens. Our teammates need us to put the annual plan together in a story format so their ‘Whole Brain’ can get to work on the opportunities ahead.


Download this great tool for creating your company’s story for 2022.


The only path to a clear and compelling vision is to hammer out the ‘sucky’ first draft, then make it better over time.  According to Gallup, in the post-pandemic US workforce, 36% of the employees are ‘engaged’ at work. The best companies enjoy an ‘engaged’ employee number of 73%, MORE THAN 2X BETTER. The difference is leadership. Do your employees see themselves as key players in a story about a team that is making an impact in the world?


You are probably closer than you imagine…let us help you close the gap for 2022.