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Don’t just stand there… Do something!

Don’t just stand there… Do something!

By: Ross Paterson

We have been on calls and video chats with nearly one hundred business owners, managers, and leaders over the last 2 weeks. I don’t know how you are feeling, but Q1 didn’t exactly wrap up as we expected in the beginning of March. The government mandated closures and stay home orders are saving lives and reducing the burden on our health systems. Bottom line for business owners and entrepreneurs is we need to start making pivots to stay alive.


#1: Dig into the government CARES legislation. Two major opportunities for small business owners that you will need to take action on immediately. Download our CARES pdf summary.


#2: Take a hard look at your line up. If you are in a market segment that is accelerating or less affected by the reductions, now is the time to recruit new talent. On March 1st, candidates were difficult to find. On April 1st, there are highly talented and capable people on the sidelines who want and need to get back in the game.


#3: Be an OVERCOMER. The world is full of complainers, Monday morning quarterbacks, and internet campaigners with all the answers for everyone else. #XtraMilers always have an overcomer mindset. Be thankful, find something every day. Be positive, fear doesn’t work. Take action, where you have enough information to keep moving. Be curious, dig deep and find solutions ahead of the competition. Download our “Leadership in a Crisis” pdf.


We are here to help; our team is actively assisting in over 40 small and medium businesses. We have a range of insights that will benefit almost every business owner in this crisis. Wherever you are leading a small business, we can make ourselves available to assist.


That is our contribution to this global crisis, what is yours?