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Do Your Job

Do Your Job

By: Ross Paterson

Football season in America means we see lots of memes with the grumpy face of Patriots coach Bill Belichick with the words “Do Your Job!”

Most leaders wish team performance was that easy. For the business owners we work with, building a high functioning team is one of their most challenging tasks.

“It’s not just about words, group performance depends on behavior that communicates one powerful overarching idea: “We are safe and connected.” Daniel Coyle, The Culture Code.

One of the deepest human needs is to belong to something bigger than ourselves. Sometimes, healthy families provide this. Most adults get this experience of belonging as part of their vocation, or they don’t. That is where you have the power to make a difference.

Building a great team is all about relationships. We are going to spend the month of September sharing ideas and best practices for building #XtraMile Performance teams.

Are you connected with the individuals you lead?

Are you regularly and intentionally building the camaraderie and connectedness of your people?

Does your team get a regular dose of inspiration?

Tune in over the next few weeks as we break these big ideas down into simple, low cost, action plans anyone can implement to build a stronger team.

Leaders, it’s your job. Do Your Job!