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Do You Know Kyle?

Do You Know Kyle?

By: Ross Paterson

The World Wrestling Championships were held in Las Vegas this weekend.  Kyle Snyder, a 19 year old from Maryland, became the youngest wrestling gold medalist in history.

XM Truth:  The brain doesn’t know what the body is capable of accomplishing.

Elite athletes like Kyle know this truth; a big part of their training is pushing the body past mental barriers.

Our brains can’t conceive the true potential of our business or our team.  That is, until we push them past our current mental barriers (and theirs).  Read, study, and watch great business leaders who can expand your vision.  Learn how to motivate, inspire, and unlock the potential in your team.

Business is the means we use to invest in people.  In the end the relationships matter more than the results.  But, they really work together.  Does that make sense?