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Do You Know How Long You Will Be Dead?

Do You Know How Long You Will Be Dead?

By: Ross Paterson

Danny Meyer was inspired to take a new career track by an uncle during a family meal. As he moped about going to law school after finishing his undergraduate degree, his uncle asked, “Do you know how long you will be dead?” A simple, insightful question, from a trusted advisor inspired him to get started in the restaurant industry. He went on to become the CEO of Union Square Hospitality, founder of Shake Shack, and recognized by TIME magazine in their 100 most influential people list.

How do you inspire your team? How important is it to your organizational performance?

According to recent Bain and Company research, inspired employees are more than twice as productive as satisfied employees. MORE THAN 2X AS PRODUCTIVE!!!

We can’t afford not to figure this out. Here is the article laying out the research by Bain and Company.

Over the next few weeks we are going to share our client’s best practices on inspiring and engaging employees.