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Communication is Leadership

Communication is Leadership

By: Ross Paterson

Clarity can be elusive at times.  As leaders we have insight, wisdom, and perspective that helps us ‘see’ what others cannot ‘see.’  We must be able to translate our vision into language and action that will accelerate results.  As we put our plans together for 2016, here are a few ideas to help the team ‘see’ better.

  1. Though you probably have a good idea of where you need to go next, take some time to get your team together and discuss past performance and future plans. Listen to their perspective and ideas.  INPUT PRECEDES BUY IN.
  2. Every person has a different capacity for VISION. Put a challenging vision together for your team in 2016, stretch them but don’t break them.  If the team feels the vision is too far out there, delusional, engagement will be low.
  3. Kip Tindell, founder of the Container Store, believes Communication is Leadership. Get on your soap box, tell great stories, inspire enthusiastic engagement.  Experiment with over communication in 2016.


One of the worst mistakes we make as leaders is assuming clarity.