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Closing the Gap in Team Performance

Closing the Gap in Team Performance

By: Ross Paterson

“In the most valuable skills of the emerging economy, women hold strong advantages over men.” – Geoff Colvin, Humans are Underrated

Do you want your business to grow? Do you want your organization to have more influence in the 21st century? The critical skills your leaders must master are creativity, empathy, relationship building, and the ability to express themselves outside the bounds of mere logic. If you want to make fast ground on closing this gap, learn how to hire, lead, and empower women in your organization.

In his book, Humans are Underrated, Geoff Colvin sites a few mind-altering statistics. If you want your teams to perform better: add women. And hold onto your egos men, the best performing teams in their studies were all women. The point is not to fire all the men, but to help us understand that the emerging economy requires more of the leadership skills that come naturally to women. Men, the beautiful truth is we can also learn and develop these skills.

We have an additional cultural challenge in the world now. Women are fed up with the status quo, standing up to an antiquated system and saying ENOUGH. I want to challenge every leader to take a hard look at the gender situation in your organization. What if we could be the generation that finally gets this right? Our daughters and granddaughters are safe, empowered, encouraged and challenged to unlock their full, Xtra Mile potential. We believe, it is work worth doing.