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By: Ross Paterson

Chaordic: A system/organization that is governed by combining elements of chaos and order. (This term was coined by Dee Hock, founder and first CEO of Visa.)

Chaos has overwhelmed our lives in the global pandemic of 2020. Countries and major cities have tens of thousands ill, hospitals are overwhelmed. On March 1st, we wondered if it would affect the US much. By April 1st the majority of the country had been shut down and the population ordered by local governments to stay home. In the US, unemployment filings last week were 6.6 million.

Business owners and leaders, it is our job to create a little order in the midst of the chaos, we are the only ones who can do this for our businesses and teams. Waiting for perfect information or the perfect plan to come together is not possible. Can you use the information you have to take wise action towards order in the midst of chaos?

XM Truth: When chaos reigns, simplify.

Try breaking your responses down in three phases.

  1. Crisis response: In the middle of the pandemic shut down, what resources do you have and how can you align or realign them to keep serving your market or maybe a new market?
  2. Come back plan: We can’t be sure when, but there will be a comeback. What will come back first? What can you do to prepare? Many businesses will close, what gaps can you anticipate and fill?
  3. The New Normal: Everything will be different. What will the new normal look like and how can you serve that market with your strengths and resources?


We highly recommend having a 2-3 hour session with your team (even virtually) and whiteboard ideas, potential solutions, and courses of action around these three phases. When you are finished run the results by 3-4 fellow entrepreneurs and business owners; they will help you sharpen and refine.

Isolation stops viruses, but compounds stress and cripples creativity. The business owners and leaders who are serious about surviving must embrace the challenges of our new Chaordic roles. Xtra Milers this is your time.