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Change is Coming…Maybe

Change is Coming…Maybe

By: Ross Paterson

In September of last year, we began working with the owners and executive team of a large multistate company.  The owner and founding partners are preparing to hand off the business to the next generation of leaders in a very competitive industry.

The first two sessions did not go well, but four months later, we have turned the corner and are making positive progress.  Two keys to the breakthrough:

  1. Their commitment to each other was strong. In spite of high stress, poor communication, and dysfunctional silo building the founders have a strong desire to leave a legacy. And generation 2.0 wants to honor their founder’s decades of hard work by taking the reins and making the business even better.  From this common ground we have been able to build a SHARED VISION.
  2. Old dogs can learn new tricks. (I am also an old dog) The strength of this large business has been 20 plus years with a core team of leaders. The flip side of this strength, they were missing outside perspectives, fresh ideas, and trusted advisors who could challenge them to evolve. Old and young, this team has embraced new thinking and implemented changes with urgency.


Generational handoffs in businesses are rife with failure.  We have helped dozens of small, medium, and large businesses make this transition successfully.

Find the shared vision and keep learning like a rookie.