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Change Before It Breaks

This is getting hard!

Change Before It Breaks

By: Ross Paterson

‘I am going to grow this business and change the world.’

(Confidence overshadowing doubt)

‘Look at that we are actually growing…’

(Confidence shines, doubt removed)

‘Oh s^*! This is getting hard!’

(Overwhelmed, doubt moves back in)


Over the past month, we have been working on midyear evaluation and planning with our clients. Several of our fastest growing clients are feeling real growing pains.

  • One is breaking through 250 employees as they expand into more markets.
  • Another has hit 60 team members as they expand to two locations.
  • A third is xcelerating through 20; outgrew a building they bought 18 months ago.


Big visions becoming reality, their impact is growing. When we start adding real estate moves, technology upgrades, system evolution, 30% new employees, and more to the already heavy burden of ownership, we can reach a breaking point.


In the chaos of the breaking point, the temptation for the business owner is to take their foot off the gas. We have seen owners shrink their visions, instead of leaning into the growing pains.


  1. The owner’s role evolves, and leadership ability must xcelerate.
  2. Plans have to be collaboratively created and owned by the team.
  3. Raise up leaders and managers who multiply the culture.
  4. Rhythms, routines, and systems must evolve.


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