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Certainty is the Enemy

Clarity is well within your grasp

Certainty is the Enemy

By: Ross Paterson

Owning a business is a unique challenge. The early exhilaration of freedom and autonomy gets replaced at times by the heavy burden of being responsible for IT ALL. If you know, you know.


The beginning of every year is a strange psychological and social phenomenon. Is everything new and different than it was two weeks ago? Really? Since we preach to our business owner clients about establishing Rhythms and Routines, we also embrace the fresh possibilities of the New Year.


XM Truth: Certainty is the enemy of progress for a business owner.


Certainty = known for sure, established beyond a doubt.


If there is anything we have learned over the past two years is that very little is known FOR SURE. If we wait for certainty before we develop any plans, goals, and guidance for our team, we paralyze potential. This leadership inaction causes fog and real pain, especially for the leaders you have on your team. Wait long enough, and your most talented leaders will leave first.


Clarity, on the other hand, is well within your grasp.


Clarity = the quality of being coherent and intelligible.


Your team and collaborators in the marketplace could use your leadership in creating clarity. We have the wisdom to project a realistic and challenging future. We can create a short-term vision of what needs to happen next. Weave tangible goals and intangible impacts into a clear story of progress through 2022. Help your people see themselves in the story, invite them to participate in well-defined roles that will move your vision into reality.


Clarity creates hope, and hope creates action. Your action begins to deliver results and your story gains momentum. This is the work of leaders in all areas of life.


You are probably closer to your next breakthrough than you imagine. Let us help you close that gap in 2022.


XM Truth: Clarity precedes Results, Leaders create Clarity, Put it in Writing.