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Business Owners are at Risk

Business Owners are at Risk

By: Ross Paterson

XM Truth: Relationships matter.


They really matter when times get tough. We were blessed to have a long-time client and lifetime #XtraMiler, share his legal expertise in a webinar last week. Kelly Curnutt, partner and founder at Curnutt and Hafer in Arlington, TX, helped give us peace of mind as we restart our businesses.


Here is the big take away. NEGLIGENCE means that we have failed to provide reasonable care in the reopening of our business. What defines reasonable care? In Texas, our government has done a great job defining the basic guidelines for almost every kind of business for reopening. We highly recommend reading this online guidance and exercise diligence in communicating them verbally and with written policies. Keep in mind, the guidance is different in each state and changes as we move through different levels of reopening.


Texas guidelines for reopening.


You don’t have to be perfect. Protect your employees, keep them safe, and exercise due diligence in your workplace.


Here’s a downloadable PDF with additional links to information that business owners will find helpful as you protect your employees, customers, and your business.


If you don’t have a relationship with a good business lawyer, connect with Kelly Curnutt on LinkedIn.