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Breaking News: Your Biggest Problems Solved

Breaking News: Your Biggest Problems Solved

By: Ross Paterson

How much do you love your work?  Our expansion in 2018 means we have served more business owners and leaders than ever before. Which has given us the blessing of loving our work even more than last year. As we continue our drive to make small and medium businesses the best places to work in America, we have 2 exciting announcements:

First, we have designed a new workshop to address the most stressful and paralyzing decisions that business owners have to make; decisions about their line up. Rockstars or Deadweight? How to Build a Cohesive Team. This 2-hour workshop is for business owners who are frustrated and out of ideas for finding the next level potential in their teams. You will accomplish four major objectives:

  • Take an accurate inventory of your existing line up
  • Build an investment plan to develop your existing talent at each level of performance
  • Learn a well-defined process for handling underperforming employees
  • Leave with a written plan for taking action


This workshop is open to owners and leaders at our office on October 4th. However, we can also bring this straight to your office or organization. The training comes with a money back guarantee. If you don’t believe we have delivered the solutions you need, we will refund your money.

Second, we’re taking our speaking game to a whole new level. We just launched This website features all of Ross’ keynote presentations, workshops, and video clips. Shout out to Brian Williams and Randy Mayeux for their coaching, helping Ross and Hannah take their speaking to the Xtra Mile. Another shout out to Clik Global for creating such a beautiful website. Let us know if you have a business event, association, or group that could use a keynote speaker on business growth or leadership.

That’s it for now. We’re already making big plans for 2019, stay tuned.