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Big Vision, Big Gap, Big Heart, Big Thirst

Big Vision, Big Gap, Big Heart, Big Thirst

By: Ross Paterson

Big Vision, Big Gap, Big Heart, Big Thirst.  This language is the #XtraMile shorthand we use to qualify our ideal clients. Let’s talk about the first two. Big Vision business owners have a dream and a destination in mind; leading a larger company that makes a lasting impact. However, there is a Big Gap between where they are after a successful startup, and where they want to be. How do we bridge that gap?

Step 1: Master marketing and sales, build next level revenue and profitability.

Step 2: Build yourself out of most of the processes you had to do to get the business started.

The challenges in Step 2. Leaders must be developed, which takes time, competence, and attention from the owner. Next, some of the players who were perfect for the startup phase will not evolve into the roles you need for growth and expansion. Lastly, many of our clients struggle letting go of work others must be trained to do. Two issues: the owner is passionate and technically exceptional in this area of the business, or they are a control freak. Sometimes it is both.

Bottom line, to bridge the Big Gap between startup scrambling and sustained business expansion the owner has to evolve, plans have to be in writing (Clarity Precedes Results), and emerging leaders have to take ownership of key business results. 

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