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Because She Loves Them

Because She Loves Them

By: Ross Paterson

Another business owner called for advice this week, she had just lost her top performer. The departing employee was a key leader that she was building the future of her business around. Ouch!!

We had record breaking, deadly heat in Texas over the weekend. My bride, the most empathetic leader I know, went in to work unscheduled on Sunday; her team (“my kids”) was going to be suffering outside in the heat. She was going to help shorten their shifts by adding herself into the rotation. Why? Her exact words, “Because I love them so much.” Not a romantic love, but an agape love, like only a Mom really understands. Still the best deal I ever closed when she said ‘yes.’

Owners and leaders, want to keep your best employees in a hot economy? Here is our Xtra Mile checklist:

  1. Make sure they know you love them, in their hearts and their wallets.
  2. Take care of the problem employees (see our blog series on Underperforming Employees).
  3. Keep an inspiring VISION, and challenging GOALS in front of them.
  4. Give them regular, timely, meaningful feedback on how they are doing.
  5. Show them your longer-term plan for keeping them engaged and growing.


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