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Backyard Football

and Business Planning

Backyard Football

By: Ross Paterson

Do you remember playing backyard football?  The offense would huddle up a few yards from the ball.  The play caller, with his back to the defense, would draw up the play on his t-shirt.  “You go down and out on this side, you hit a post from the left, you…”

Imagine if teams tried to run this way with an 11 man offense in the NFL.  It would be a disaster.

Most Small Business Owners have a general vision where they want to go.  But rarely will they have a business plan in writing that outlines the interactions between Marketing, Sales, Operations, People and Processes.  The result is owners that are stressed out, frustrated with their team’s performance, and frequently saying, ‘It’s just easier if I do it myself.’  Employees in these businesses are not effectively engaged in their work, and only bring their B or C game because they don’t know the plan, or what is expected of them.

Xtra Mile Truth:  If you don’t have a basic business plan in writing, you are not very serious about growing your business.

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