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Auuuggghhhh!!! What happened to January?

Auuuggghhhh!!! What happened to January?

By: Ross Paterson

January is a tough month for Business Owners.

  • Shaking off the holiday hangovers
  • Time consuming year-end tax reporting
  • Fog about direction for the blank slate of a new year


Look at your calendar; the first month of 2017 is over.  Hopefully you have met the reporting deadlines and recovered well from the holiday break.

What does your plan look like for 2017?  Do you have something in writing, simple and concise, that you and your team can execute?

Start with a compelling Vision.  Tell the story of the whole year.  Include measurable achievements (revenue, clients, team growth) as well as intangibles (attitude, emotion, making a difference in the world).  Next, break down clear goals and steps for each key area of execution: marketing, sales, finance, etc.

Finally set priorities, everything can’t happen all at once.  Define critical steps of the plan for the first quarter, and put a focused monthly plan together for February.  Communicate, delegate, and motivate the team to take advantage of this positive economy.

XM TRUTH:  Clarity PRECEDES Results, Leaders CREATE Clarity

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