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At The Speed of Insanity

At The Speed of Insanity

By: Ross Paterson

I have been working on fascinating research for a seminar we will be giving next week on Friday, Leading in Times of Extreme Disruption.  Because of disrupters like Amazon Prime Now, our expectations for responsiveness are becoming downright unreasonable.  But, perhaps that is the new normal.  Are you ready?

Leaders and celebrities can communicate instantly with millions of followers.  Just this week we had two conference calls with development partners in Afghanistan and Singapore.  Crystal clear communications, using free apps and services.  Technology is changing how we communicate, the world is getting smaller.  Are you ready?

If you are a leader, challenge yourself to master the newest streams for communication.  Baby boomers and Gen-Xers, don’t allow yourself to get left behind.  Our effectiveness depends on our ability to build relationship capital with individuals and drive a culture of results with the team.  Leadership is communication.  Communication is leadership.

What messages have you sent your team this week?  If the answer is none, that is a message, and probably not the one you meant to send.